Considering that many schools in the world are closed due to the COVID-19, the application deadline for “Artmile International Collaborative Learning 2020” is extended to the end of May for the time being.

Please contact <> for details.

Now is the right moment when students open their eyes to understand what is happening in the world, think what are problems and how to overcome this crises, and discussion what future they want to create together and what they can do to make it happen, with their partners from different countries/regions. We hope many schools will participate in this challenge.

How to Apply

[Application period] March 2nd – April 24th, 2020  → the end of May
Considering that many schools in the world are closed due to the COVID-19, the application period is extended until the end of May for the time being.
[Participation Admission] May-June, 2020 (informed by email)
[Implementation period] June 2020 – March 2021
[Target] students of elementary, secondary and high schools and colleges
[Number of acceptance] 100 schools/classes
[Cost] No registration fee yet actual shipping cost for sending a completed mural back to Japan
[How to apply]  AICLAPPLICATION FORM AICL2020   
 Download the APPLICATION FORM and send A and B to <>
  A: a form of original WORD data
  B: a form with a signature of the principal (doc, pdf or jpg)
[Contact] Any question is welcome to <>

Notify admission
After receiving your Application Form, JAM will ask you to submit “Requirement to Participants” and “Entry Sheet”. JAM will make a decision of your participation, referring to your Application Form, Requirement to Participants and Entry Sheet. In May-June JAM will inform you if your school is admitted or not BY EMAIL.

Artmile International Collaborative Learning

<Official endorsement>
This project is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and cooperated by Japan International Cooperation Agency.

<Aim of the project>
Japan Art Mile implements Artmile International Collaborative Learning (AICL), aiming at cultivating global citizens who respect diverse cultures, have a global perspective and take actions to build peace and drive sustainable development in collaboration with people with different cultural backgrounds.

<What is AICL>
– What is AICL
– Flow of the learning
– Effect of the learning
– Impact of the learning

<Theme of the learning>
Students of paired schools select a learning theme from 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and research and share what are problems on each side, and discuss what they can do to solve the problems together to achieve the goal.

<How to learn with partners abroad>
JAM provides an online forum to each pair as a communication tool, where students share, exchange and discuss their research and opinions throughout the project.

<Goal of the learning>
Students co-create a mural (1.5m by 3.6m) by drawing halves (one by a Japanese school, the other by their partner school abroad) with their message of peace and sustainable development.