Artmile International Collaborative Learning 2019

Artmile International Collaborative Learning “Co-create a Future with children in the countries/regions participating in TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” is a special project in deepening collaborative learning on SDGs and aiming at celebrating TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games with the murals. The period of accepting applications, the start of the project, the learning schedule are different from the past ones. Please read the following explanation and notices and apply it in time.
What is Artmile 2019 -International Collaborative Learning-

<Official endorsement>
This project is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and is supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Furthermore it is certified by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

<Aim of the project>
Japan Art Mile (JAM) implements Artmile International Collaborative Learning 2019, aiming at cultivating global citizens who respect diverse cultures, have a global perspective and take actions to build peace and drive sustainable development in collaboration with people with different cultural backgrounds.

<Theme of the learning>
Students of paired schools select a learning theme from 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and research what are problems on each side, and discuss what they can do to solve the problems to achieve the goal.

<Goal of the learning>
Students co-create a mural (1.5m by 3.6m) by drawing halves (one by a Japanese school, the other by their partner school abroad) with a message of peace and sustainable development.

<How to learn with partners abroad>
JAM provides an online forum to each pair as a communication tool, where students share, exchange and discuss their research, thoughts and ideas throughout the project.

<Schedule of the learning>
The learning schedule is different from the past. The curriculum model will show you the flow of the learning and when and what to do for the collaborative learning.
Artmile 2019 Curriculum Model

<Make preparation in each school>
-April: Make a common schedule of the pair, Choose a learning theme from SDGs
-May: Research on the theme

<Start collaborative learning>
-Jun: [MEET] Introduce each other, Exchange each research
-Jul: [SHARE] Share the research with wider and deeper views
-Aug:           Clarify issues for discussion
-Sep:           Discuss the issues and figure out better solutions
-Oct: [UNITE] Unite the both thoughts and make a message to appeal to the world
-Nov~Dec: [CREATE] Decide a mural design, a Japanese school draws a half and sends it to their partner   
-Jan~Feb: Their partner completes the mural and sends it back to Japan
-Mar: [APPRECIATE] Reflect the whole activities and evaluate oneself

The schedule is a full year schedule (including long holidays), considering all the countries of the northern and southern hemispheres. Many schools in the northern hemisphere have two or three month holidays in June-August, on the other hand those in the southern hemisphere have their holidays in December-February. Each pair of Japan and their partner schools are expected to make their own schedule considering both long holidays. Consider the schedule flexible.

<Mural Exhibition>
Celebrate TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games with the murals and convey the children/youth’s messages to the whole world.

How to Apply for Artmile 2019

[Application period] January – March 2019
[Implementation period] April 2019- March 2020
[Target] Elementary、Secondary、High Schools and College
[Number of acceptance] 205 schools/classes from 205 countries/regions (one school from each country/region)
[Cost] No registration fee yet actual shipping cost for sending a completed mural back to Japan
      *Schools in developing countries where shipping-cost impedes to participate, consult JAM office.
[How to apply] Download  Application Form
  Send A and B to <>
  A: a form of original WORD data
  B: a form with a signature of the principal (word, pdf or jpg)

After receiving your Application Form
JAM will send you “Entry Sheet” and ask you to fill it out and submit as soon as possible. JAM will decide your participation from the content of your “Application Form” and “Entry Sheet”.

How to be informed of the result

For Artmile 2019, only one school from one country is admitted.
In March-April JAM will inform you if your school is admitted or not by email.
In April JAM will introduce a Japanese partner school to you and guide how to start the project.


Any question is welcome to <>